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PostSubject: www.ACTCFX.com(Scam)   Tue Jan 17, 2012 8:29 pm


SCAM CONFIRMATION: The FPA Scam Investigations Committee has confirmed a scam complaint against this broker. ACTCFX.com is hereby blacklisted by the Forex Peace Army.

ACTCFX – NFA registered, but still scamming a trader - 02-23-2010, 06:16 PM
Amin El-Hakim is a nice guy and a very good forex trader. He's been scammed many times, and is trying to be much more careful selecting his broker. He found one that was NFA registered, but still got scammed. ACTCFX is registered under NFA # 0232831. This was listed on their website when Amin was looking at them before opening his account, but that info has since been removed from their “About Us” page. Since FPA Investigator Ken has dealt with all of Amin's prior issues, he was assigned to this case.

Amin opened an account with ACTCFX.com (aka AC Trading Co). He did well and made some profits. He withdrew his initial deposit without any problems. He kept trading and made some more money. The he tells the FPA that he tried to make another withdrawal. The withdrawal orders kept disappearing so he kept placing new ones. When he let ACTCFX support know that he was taking screenshots, he tells us that things began to get really strange.

Two trades for 25 lots of GBPJPY opened in Amin's account. He tells us that he didn't open these and ACTCFX didn't even acknowledge any emails from the FPA, so we only have Amin's version to go by. At first, Amin was shocked, but the market moved in the right direction, resulting in over $100,000 of profit from the two trades. The problem was that it was impossible to close the trades or modify them in any way. Amin emailed and got no response. Amin called. One number was invalid, the other didn't connect after a few rings.

The trading agreement that is still on ACTFX's website says...

This Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions governing your Account at Actcfx.com (“Actcfx.com”), daivision of GAIN Capital Group, LLC, and all
Contracts and other transactions in this Account with Actcfx.com. In this Agreement, the undersigned customer is referred to as “Customer” or “ You.”
Amin and Ken wrote to Gain Capital to check on this. Gain's representative wrote back...

Looking further into your issue. Actcfx.com is not an actual partner of ours and we have no relationship with them. It looks like they just copied some information from our own website and then pasted it onto there own. Our compliance department has been informed and will follow up with Actcfx.com about the false information. However since your account was not actually with us, there is unfortunately nothing we can do to help with your issue.
Ken and Amin sent multiple emails to ACTCFX. None were acknowledged. Amin did manage to get them to say hello in live chat, but reports that they stop responding as soon as he mentions his account number. Ken gave a final warning with a deadline of February 22nd, 2010 and it was ignored.

We are shocked that a broker with NFA registration can even try to get away with this behavior. We are further shocked that an NFA broker could get away with posting false links to another broker inside the trading agreement on their website. We encourage Amin to go after this broker with the NFA and CFTC and to report them to all authorities he can. .

ACTCFX.com Mad

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